Weekly Art Classes

Designed with you in mind

“Creativity is intelligence having fun”  - Albert Einstein

Art Class - Skill Building

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Learn important art skills (Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Shading, etc…)
  • Experience using different mediums and surfaces that Make Expression is uniquely positioned to offer (Pastels, Acrylic, Charcoal, Canvas, Pottery, mosaic, clay, etc…).
  • Individualized and customized for each student. Student selects their art subject and color choices to make it fun and interesting for them.
  • Focus on exploring art and expanding creative thinking
  • All classes are taught by experienced artists in small classes
  • One hour a week
  • Price: $450 for semester
  • All supplies included
  • For both…Adults and Kids.

Call, email or stop by today to register!
(214) 494-8375

Specialized Art Classes

Lets Talk.  ... Pottery, Mosaic, Nail Art, Calligraphy, Drawing, and more...

Makeup classes and prorated semester fees considered based on timing and availability.

All supplies included