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Colorful Scented Candle Making

What is Candle Making?

Walk in any time to make colorful scented candles at Make Expression.

Our helpful, friendly staff members will be there every step of the way to offer assistance if you need it. You choose the colors and scent for your candle creation in a jar or pillar style.  Jar style refers to creating your colorful candle in a glass jar.  Pillar candles are standalone candle shapes that are created, cured and extracted from aluminum shape molds like star, square, circle, moon, heart and more.   Both are amazing options that you are sure to love.

Our candles make great last minute gifts as they go home the same day!


Anytime Fun


Price Range

$20 - $65

Enjoy creating that special memory!  We don't have studio fees, time limits or reservations to worry about.

How Candle Making Works


Pick a Base

Decide on candle size, shape & type (pillar or jar)
Candle Making2

Fill and Decorate

Break color blocks into smaller manageable sizes (think jelly bean size) and arrange inside your container. Create layers of color or mix them beforehand for a random color arrangement. Fill to just above the rim. Add add-on for additional decoration on top (Optional)
Candle Making3

Chose a scent

Chose a scent from over 20 popular fragrances. We blend the selected scent with clear wax that will fill the space between your colored wax & "glue" them together.
Candle Making4

Take it home

Your candle will be chilled and ready for you to take home in 10 mins if in a jar or in 4 hours if you selected a pillar mold

Plan Your Candle Making Visit

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