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Make Expression is a dream come true for me.  Art has been my passion and part-time profession all my life.  With endearing support of my family and friends, I have been able to create this wonderful place in Frisco.  We have lived in Frisco for over 15 years all three of my kids go to neighborhood schools.  It is amazing and wonderful opportunity that I have to share my passion and do it in my home community.

When you visit our studio, you see wonderful unique art all over the studio.  The art work you see is all created by artist working at Make Expression.  They are integral part of the Make Expression family and they all love art and have the passion to share their skills and knowledge with all.   Make Expression is a place where you can come with family, friends and co-workers to relax…a place that is clean and spacious…a place that has lots of creative options that everyone can do….a place that is dynamic and always evolving.  Make Expression is that place and I love hearing laughter and seeing people express themselves creatively and making memories.

Our tag line is “You Art Funtopia” and we are all about that.  You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy making wonderful art.   We make it easy.  From our carefully considered creative options to supportive and helpful artists to easy and clear pricing, we want to make it a fun place for you to come again and again.

So, how did we come up with the name Make Expression?

We know in this high paced society we live in, a little relaxed but meaningful activity is treasured.  An activity that helps make memories is icing on the cake.  So, when we selected our name, we wanted to reflect the concept of expressing yourself in making something awesome while making wonderful lasting memories.  Our name Make Expression embodies this concept.  …what is it when you Make Expression that lasts?  ….. Memories.

Come have fun at Make Expression!

Dipali P, Artist and Owner